Activity Planning and Sequencing

The planning processes address those steps required to develop the project schedule. This is the part of the project plan that might be most familiar to new project managers.

Many automated project management tools help create schedules by keeping track of activities, resources, durations, sequencing, and constraints. Although the schedule is an integral part of the project plan, it is only one part. Don’t start working on the schedule until you have a proper WBS.

Starting to work before completing the WBS usually results in doing more work than is necessary. A good WBS reduces task redundancy and helps ensure all work performed is in the scope of the project. In fact, the WBS is a required input to activity planning.

Some activities can be accomplished at any time throughout the project. Other activities depend on input from another activity or are constrained by time or resources. Any requirement that restricts the start or end time of an activity is a dependency.

This process identifies all relationships between activities and notes restrictions imposed by these relationships.